Corporate Wellness

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Corporate wellness card.png

Feature 1

we work with wellness programs in companys

on white card - exhausted

tired, crabby (mood), stressed, low energy

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Feature 2

meal planning - structure, content, variety, flexibility, Meze simple food combos whether traveling or in office, lists of foods to keep in office



Feature 3

Structure of eating times with flexibility of content

Lists of food for convenience (convenience store, restaurant, backpack, etc.)

Skype/phone follow-ups

education relating to basics of meal planning no matter where you are (example: plan for someone traveling for one month in Europe + Asia to different locations every 4 days, type I diabetes on African safari,

formula: protein/carb combo, water, how to plan movement no matter where the location - sometimes better on trips! walking routes, etc. gyms, love hotel in Asia