Nutrition Counseling


  • Assess behavior in terms of meal pattern, cooking, shopping, and daily schedule
  • Look at diagnostic lab testing, medications, and at-home testing
  • Discuss steps to take toward a plan that is achievable and comfortable for you
  • Often, choose a reading assignment to reinforce discussion at the appointment and allow the client to gain insight into his/her specific concern

Kristin will work with your physicians and provide updated reports of your progress if desired. 


How long will the appointments last?

  • 1 hour initial, 30-60 minute follow-ups

How often will we meet?

  • Initial follow-up appointments are 1-2 weeks after first visit
  • Other follow-ups are scheduled as decided together at each appointment

Will I receive a calorie diet plan?

  • No, we focus on assessing hunger, blood sugar, energy, and sense of wellness rather than scale weight and restriction of foods

  • A personalized recommendation sheet is provided at the end of each appointment

what form of payment is accepted?

  • We accept cash, checks, credit cards, and flex spending cards

Now Offering Body Composition Analysis!

"I'm starting to feel a little less hungry - certainly LESS GUILTY about eating"

- Nutrition Counseling Client

"Thank you for all of your help. You gave me just the push I needed, along with the constant reassurance."

- Nutrition Counseling Client

“I needed food before I could do anything else. Now that I am able to think clearly, I can feel differently about my life.”

– Eating Disorder Client

"I was devastated to be almost 200 lbs. It was embarrassing and humiliating to me, never mind the health consequences! I know I have a long way to go but I am eating smarter and healthier, and so is my family."

- Nutrition Counseling Client